Saab J35 Draken Marketing video The Saab 35 fighter aircraft started being planned as a replacement for the J 29 Tunnan in the autumn of 1949 under the leadership of Erik Bratt. The Swedish defence materiel procurement authority required the aircraft to perform at high supersonic speeds and be able to engage targets at high altitudes.

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The Flame Spitting Saab Draken at Waddington Airshow.
We were treated by the Swedish historic flight, as they brought along this unique looking jet to Waddington's annual airshow.

Draken Danger Zone
A video showing SAAB 35 Draken set to the tune of Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone from Top Gun. Original video is here:

Flyget i Sverige - Militärflyget - part 5 of 6
En kortfattad och informativ dokumentär om det svenska militärflygets utveckling. I denna del: 50-tal 60-tal 70-tal Lilldraken J35 Draken Överljudsflygning Exportframgångar SK60 Stig Wennerström Ökat säkerhetsarbete Antalet omkomna flygare minskar Enhetsflygplan planeras 37 Viggen Datorteknik ombord

Saab J35 Draken trainers doing the Swedish Cobra Maneuver
Please note the original music and sound was removed due to a complaint from Sony Music Entertainment! Saab J35 Draken (Sk35C) trainers doing the Swedish Cobra Maneuver!