VW Sand Rail 1600 Dual Port With Holley Bugspray and Megaphone Exhaust

just idleing, revving up and walking around I think the carb could use some tuning. I think it is running rich. It seems like it runs a lot smoother once I rev it up a bit...like the plugs are loading up and I clean them out...that could be what all that smoke is too. Any thoughts?

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1600 Dual Port VW quick drive
This video shows my buggy pulling out of the driveway and rolling down the street.

New 009 and Holley bugspray idle
Still some fine tuning to do but she's getting there.

Budget VW Carburetor setup (custom throttle slide)
Hi, This is my budget dual Holly carb setup with a custom made throttle slide linkage. I am a tool maker so I tend to make custom parts to keep my engine compartments really clean looking. Thank you for watching and please comment with any questions.

VW Sandrail Transmission Swap - Part 7
Rob was coming to pick up his Sand rail and attempting to load it onto his trailer along with a little neighborhood chaos going on at the same time. We discussed the flywheel gland nut and dowel problem caused by the last guy that worked on the transmission and didn't tighten anything down correctly. But I was contracted to replace transmission, not rebuild motor.... but I get the motor rebuild a few months later when the crank exploded. :-D History: Showing the control modifications to pedal cluster, cables, and the motor is running again! History: After some more mounting of parts, installing the clutch and flywheel and installing some longer engine mount studs required to mount this VW Beetle engine to a late mode 6-rib VW Bus transmission, the engine was ready to go back into the car. BUT! The Beetle engine wasn't ever intended to mount up to this Bus transmission, so the input shaft stub needed to be trimmed back half an inch and retapered. Once that was complete, along with the the longer engine mount studs, the engine bolted back in like it was intended to be there. Next video it'll be running again. Then we'll fabricate/install the new controls. I got a little more money together from my customer on this project, so continued progress. I got the axles measured out and ordered and installed. They look good, but they were much more expensive than a couple of stock VW axles... lol! Next I gotta work on the controls... and I've already got most of the parts... this'll be coming up soon! Mounting the new transmission is pretty easy when everything is exposed on a Sandrail. I needed to fabricate a bracket for the front of the transmission, originally I wanted to make a diamond shaped plate, but didn't have any metal around big enough to do so. Instead I worked out a cross shape from some 3/16in steel flatbar and welded that together and drilled to fit. The top/rear transmission hanger was almost in exactly the right spot, the holes already aligned. Only had to bend it a tad to make everything fit right, and cut the tang off that blocked the starter from being installed. Pulling out the automatic transmission is pretty easy when all the parts are clean and exposed as they are on a Sandrail. I found that the Flexplate is shredded, and the bellhousing is cracked. What a mess. This is the reason why I pulled two VW Bus transmissions recently. Sadly I pulled a rotten one first... lol. But this sandrail has an automatic transmission and will be swapped over to manual to eliminate the constant replacement of the flexplates and other VW automatic transmission parts which are getting harder to find (and expensive). My Blog: http://duckshit.net/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VvTheDuckvV Twitter: http://twitter.com/vvtheduckvv Be a fan of Skeeter the Duck on her very own Facebook Fan Page! SkeeterTheDuck's FB: http://www.facebook.com/SkeeterTheDuck