The Worst Train Driver 2

WOW! It took this short to make this!? The first video went viral, so I decided to make a sequel. Jeremy's back, and he's got a new engine Don't ask what the song is, cuz i don't know either now i just feel like i'm stealing pageboy's thunder, because i got ahead of him, and it's almost at 1,000,000 views

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LEGO Loco is a computer game when you build your LEGO town or City!

Lego Top Gear Train Crash
Lego Top Gear Train Crash: with my Class 37 and Jeremy Clarkson

Doppelausfahrt HSB
Doppelausfahrt anläßlich des Östlichsten Gartenbahntreffens in Deutschland am 20.Juni 2009

Gigantic Lego Train Layout with 30 years of Lego Train sets
Lego train layout: it was time to put all of my Lego Train stuff on the floor and build a nice layout. Unfortunately not all the trains were running: for that I need (even) a bigger layout. The video contains 30 years of Lego Trains: from the vintage 7740 to the 4588 until the relatively new 3677 and Horizon Express. Subscribe to my channel: Unfortunately the 60051, 60052 trains and 60050 station Lego sets weren't out yet when making this video. Problem was the bridge: the trains were gaining too much speed going down and were derailing in the curve after it. So we took out some 9V sections in the down going ramp and put some PF sections in place so the train motors weren't energized while going down. Problem solved :) Like this kind of stuff? Check out some of my most awesome projects: Lego train set up high in the mountains: Fully automated Lego train coal terminal: 25.000 Brick Lego train station: Automated Lego train level crossing with the Terminator: Huge Lego train layout (my biggest so far): Random controlled Lego trains: Automated Lego train rail crossing: Check out the playlist of my best Lego videos so far: Q&list=PLFvqXjRrRBodSTYf1Rrp0HUS9v4JGv5YU Check out my Facebook page for regular updates: And ofcourse my Work In Progress channel: For more background information, check my website: Music: "Shiny Tech II" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 The AlmightyArjen Youtube channel is about Lego train related videos. I sometimes automate Lego trains, or make a stop motion video or I just setup a huge Lego train layout in the living room. Do you have (reasonable) video suggestions? Please let me know!