The Worst Train Driver 2

WOW! It took this short to make this!? The first video went viral, so I decided to make a sequel. Jeremy's back, and he's got a new engine Don't ask what the song is, cuz i don't know either now i just feel like i'm stealing pageboy's thunder, because i got ahead of him, and it's almost at 1,000,000 views

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lego train plows though a semi truck

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My 7 year old set up some train crashes for our entertainment.

LEGO Loco is a computer game when you build your LEGO town or City!

The Worst Train Driver
this was a parody of pageboy72 i dunno what else to say just rate and comment also, thank all of you for over 100,000 views! ok, now i'm just embarrassed, i turned the original animation into a piece of crap