K.P. Tuning's 2g Eagle Talon Tsi 691hp 10.7 Summer 2009

Video highlighting a friends Eagle talon through the summer of 2009. Hitting 691awhp and running a best of 10.7 at the track all on pump gas & meth while continuing to drive the car on a daily basis was pretty impressive to see. With new plans in the works for 2010 what will the car do next?

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500whp 4g63 Eagle Talon Nolstagic Racecar Refresh
The poor old 1991 Eagle Talon TSI racecar had a tree fall on it during a recent wind storm. The Talon was in a barn covered storage and the tree trunk pierced the roof, a beam Joyce roof support broke and glanced off the car. Lucky, but licking wounds and reminiscing the good old glory race days with my baby

1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Dyno Pull
This is just a video of my car's first Dyno pull. No numbers, just base tuning right now. Figured I'd post videos of the progress! Note: I will be getting rid of the body kit, that's how I bought it, I just haven't gotten around to putting a stock one back on. I hate it too lol

The RED DEMON - 8 Second Talon
The Boostin' Performance RED DEMON dominating the Gangster class at KOTS X... This car is NO JOKE, nearly 1000hp to the wheels and with low 8 second E/T's... it's no wonder it KILLED the game and finally represented the AWD cars at KOTS! Congrats on the win guys.

the4g63shop.com 92 eagle Talon 746awhp
the4g63shop.com 92 eagle Talon 746awhp