Audi S4 Biturbo MTM

Turn in 200 km/h by S4 315 HP/520 Nm...

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Audi s4 vs Bmw m3
Audi vs Bmw lets see who is the muscle of Germany filmed on closed road in mexico

RC CEN Monster Truck Genesis
test new Genesis... full power by Rdss, drift by Jorg...

Hannover Hardcore 1100 HP / 1200 NM (R)S4 Limo - 2K15 Season
Epic 2K15 compilation of the 1080 HP monster from Hannover. Our website is currently under construction. In the meantime,feel free to contact us on : Facebook Instagram --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Like B5Elite on Facebook Get the badge now Follow B5Elite on Instagram Subscribe B5Elite on Youtube Join the B5Elite group

2017 Audi S4
Audi's all new 2017 S4 packs cutting edge technology, an all new turbocharged engine and updated drivetrain into an all new body. Read more here - s4-avant/