REAL!!! SHADOW PEOPLE caught on tape/video/film/camera/MBJREPORT

My computer cam caught this after weeks of thinking I was seeing things. Now I know I am not alone. SCARIEST VIDEO PROOF ON THE INTERNET FOR SHADOW PEOPLE!

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Shadow People in 1997, Emerson
Emerson County has reports of strange shadowy creatures/people first in 1957. In August of 1997, roughly 2 miles from where original reports originated, a video camera was found and turned into local authorities. What they saw on the old tape was scary, mysterious, and remains unexplained to this day. Some people refer to this "shadowy creature" as a "Shadow Person".

Ghost in my Apartment 5 (REAL GHOST CAUGHT ON TAPE)
SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG!!!!/GhostinmyApt Another paranormal night at my apartment the spirit must have a thing for water its the second time it has turned on my sink water again. Anyways tell me what you guys think had some great orbs in this one.

Shadow Being Caught on Tape
Credit to: During their investigation of St. Paul's UCC in Erie the group caught 3 phenomena on camera at about the same time. This is the shadow person in camera 1.

Shadow beings and ghost according to the bible
This is a video on shadow beings and ghosts. Many people including Christians have the wrong idea of them, but the bible sheds light on the matter. God bless! ^_^