REAL!!! SHADOW PEOPLE caught on tape/video/film/camera/MBJREPORT

My computer cam caught this after weeks of thinking I was seeing things. Now I know I am not alone. SCARIEST VIDEO PROOF ON THE INTERNET FOR SHADOW PEOPLE!

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Shadow People in 1997, Emerson
Emerson County has reports of strange shadowy creatures/people first in 1957. In August of 1997, roughly 2 miles from where original reports originated, a video camera was found and turned into local authorities. What they saw on the old tape was scary, mysterious, and remains unexplained to this day. Some people refer to this "shadowy creature" as a "Shadow Person".

Ghost in my Apartment 5 (REAL GHOST CAUGHT ON TAPE)
SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG!!!!/GhostinmyApt Another paranormal night at my apartment the spirit must have a thing for water its the second time it has turned on my sink water again. Anyways tell me what you guys think had some great orbs in this one.

Ghost Attacks Paranormal Investigators Camera At Haunted Lizzie Borden House -- Demon Ghost Attacks Ghost Hunters Video Camera During Paranormal Investigation of The Haunted Lizzie Borden House.. One of The Most Haunted Houses In America -- Ghost Attack / Paranormal Activity / Ghost Footage Caught On Camera By Phillip Brunelle -- Ghost Hunter & Founder of Mass Most Haunted Paranormal Investigations -- Real Ghost Videos, Paranormal Evidence & Personal Encounters With Ghosts In His Haunted House & During The Ghost Hunters Paranormal Investigations of The Most Haunted Places In America. GHOST VIDEO INFO -- The video camera is attacked by a ghost, demon or poltergeist, and begins moving on its own. The demonic ghost attack of our video camera is some of the best paranormal evidence we have caught on tape... so good that we got lots of thumbs down ratings from people thinking that it's just another fake ghost video on YouTube, when in fact this really is paranormal activity we caught on camera of a ghost violently attacking and spinning our camera. There was nobody in the house during the time this camera was moving, and in fact, the camera turns completely around 2 or 3 times and you can clearly see that nobody is anywhere around. Please keep in mind, this was not recorded in my own house, this video was recorded in the Lizzie Borden murder house in Fall River, Massachusetts, and the house is now known as The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, and has been classified by ghost hunters & the paranormal community as one of the most haunted houses. PS -- This is a real ghost / spirit / demon attack caught on camera - paranormal activity caught on video camera on the 118th year anniversary of the Borden murders. LIKE OUR PARANORMAL FACEBOOK PAGE: REQUEST OR SUGGEST PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION: JOIN HAUNTED SOCIETY PARANORMAL NETWORK FRIEND US ON FACEBOOK: MASS MOST HAUNTED TWITTER: PHILLIP BRUNELLE ON TWITTER: GHOST ATTACK VIDEO CAMERA KEYWORDS: scary ghost attack video, ghost attack, ghost attacks, ghost, ghosts, attack, attacks, demon, demons, demonic, spirit, spirits, poltergeist, paranormal activity video, video, ghost attack, ghost attacks, ghost attacking camera, ghost attacks camera, ghost caught on camera, ghosts caught on camera, ghosts caught on camera video, ghosts caught on camera videos, ghost caught on camera, ghost caught on camera, ghost video, 2013 ghost videos, ghosts, ghost caught on camera film tape, haunted society paranormal news, Phillip Brunelle videos, 2013 ghost video "paranormal news", Ghost hunters video, Haunted, Paranormal, ghost attack, demon attacks, demon attack, attack, attacks. Demon attack, demon attack ghost videos, demonic, demons, The Conjuring, watch The Conjuring, scary movie, The Conjuring movie, ghost videos, ghost video. Lizzie Borden, Lizzie Borden haunted house, Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Lizzie Borden videos, Lizzie Borden ghost video, 2013 ghost videos, paranormal video, ghost adventures full episodes, paranormal videos, ghost videos. ghost, paranormal activity, ghost hunters, demonic ghost attack, ghost moves camera, murder house, ghost caught on camera, evil demon ghost video, demons, ghost hunters, ghost videos, Lizzie Borden haunted house demon attack, haunting, ghost adventures, new ghost videos, insidious full movie, conjuring, the conjuring full movie, watch insidious, watch the conjuring, conjuring full movie, insidious 2 full movie, supernatural. Ghost attack, ghosts, paranormal investigators, poltergeist, demon attacks ghost hunter, paranormal, demon attack. ghost attacks ghost hunters, ghost attack, demons, ghost hunters, demon, ghost hunters, scary demonic ghosts poltergeist ghost videos, Phillip Brunelle ghost attack, demon, demons, 2013 ghost footage, ghost footage, ghost adventures, creepy, scary, ghost videos, ghost, ghost caught on tape, ghosts videos, paranormal, paranormal activity. Ghost Attacks Paranormal Investigators Camera, Ghost Footage, Phillip Brunelle, ghost videos, poltergeist paranormal activity, ghost caught camera, ghost videos, ghosts, ghost caught on tape, ghost videos, poltergeist, scary movie, watch scary movies, insidious full movie, insidious chapter 2, insidious, insidious part 2, insidious ch 2, insidious chapter 2, demon, demons, Friday the 13th, demon ghost caught on camera, ghost caught on tape, ghost videos, ghost attack, scary ghost videos, real ghost videos, creepy ghost video, real scary demon ghost video paranormal activity ghost hunters ghost adventures ghosts paranormal activity haunted house ghost videos, ghost footage, demon ghost video, demon attack videos, paranormal, Halloween, prank, pranks, Halloween prank, Halloween pranks, paranormal activity, real scary ghost attack video camera.

Shadow People (Warning Scary).
Shadow people what are they ? Fascinating insight into this supernatural shadow-like humanoid figures.With real video footage you must see warning not suitable for children slightly scary in parts..In 2010, the apparitions were described as one of the most regularly reported paranormal phenomena in the United States. What are they ?