Going down Cabbage Hill in a truck (empty)

Going down Cabbage Hill in a truck

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Climbing Cabbage Part 1
Come Travel with drivergeoff as we climb up cabbage hill

going down mount eagle
driving down the hill

Stupid Wal Mart trailer hitting my mirror
On Donner Pass in east bound lanes this Wal Mart contractor passed me in a truck right lane only area. He hit my mirror briefly scratching the paint because he wanted to speed and drive reckless. The time stamp is mountain time. I waited for the police who eventually told me I would need to file charges the next day at the court house. Wal Mart owes me $172.14 because my mirror was damaged by their trailer. This is why CalTrans marked it no trucks left lane. The lane is too small and so is Wal Mart drivers brains in my opinion. Watch this driver cross the line as he passes me and I must hit my trailer tires in the wall to avoid being splatted on the wall. As a stronger hit would have let him continue and I would have been killed by his aggressive behavior.

Dead man pass cabbage hill Oregon State
oregon bad weather cabbage hill dead man pass how to pass fog clouds dangerous winter time truck passing semi heavy