16 year old gets first car - Dodge Viper!!!

His friends can't believe it finally happened!!! Only 3,000 miles on this original 2001. Only drives it to billiards on Friday night and T-Hold'em on Saturday.

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Giving my dad his dream car, a Classic 1969 Camaro, part 2 of 2, Please read the description
PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT, After many years of hard work, blood, sweat and some more blood. I finally was able to restore, build and give my dad his dream car. A 1969 Camaro, this is a car he has wanted ever since he was young. I promised myself I would do this. Please see the first part, as it is the letter I gave him before he got the car and explains a little more why I did this. He found out about the car about a year prior but had not seen it since it was painted and finished. I want to thank the two other clips I found on youtube that helped give me the motivation to achieve this, showing me that this dream, any dream was possible. And of course everyone who helped make this a reality, I can never thank you enough. My son is recording this while my brother and I went around the block to get the car and drive it up to give it to him. Note @ 11:30 the clip of the letter is played again. thanks for watching and keep Dreaming UPDATE Aug31, 2011 On a day chosen for moms, mine passed away peacefully on mother's day May 8 with my dad, my brother and I by her side. I want to thanks again everyone for all there thought and wishes. I know even though my mom is not here but will never be gone. This is the last video that we have of my mom. I miss you mom. Update July 14, 2015 On May 21, 2015 surrounded by love and a few of those whose lives he touched, my dad lost his battle with cancer. We were able to share many wonderful memories with his car. His dream car has come home with me where we will enjoy it for many years to come, creating many more memories. I will always hold these dear to my heart, I love you dad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aymObf1aTYY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEhnq7gpGTg&feature=related