2012 Chevrolet Sonic/Holden Barina (T300) NHTSA Side Impact

Driver-***** Passenger-***** Overall-*****

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Daily Driver Ep2 Holden Barina RS
Every Single Day. I've done 20,000 kms since starting the Daily Driverz tag and this is the second episode. Fortunately having three pedals can stem the boredom somewhat. Here's what the Holden Barina RS has to offer my fellow road warriors. More info on the Barina RS? Check out Holden.com.au or your nearest dealer More info on the music? Song with no ending by Wild Cookie Check out Fabric61 from www.fabriclondon.com More info on #DailyDriverz? Check out the tag on Instagram or the Commentary section of GMInsidenews.com

Holden Barina RS v Ford Fiesta Sport video review
Ford v Holden takes on a new meaning in this sporty hatchback battle. Read our head to head: http://www.caradvice.com.au/277850/ford-fiesta-sport-v-holden-barina-rs-com parison-review/

2012 Mazda6 NHTSA Frontal Impact
Driver-**** Passenger-*** Overall-***

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