64 impala on bags at cruise in

big daves 64 impala on bags. 18 and 22s coys at a cruise in!!!

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1964 Black IMPALA air bags Lowrider.

64' Impala
Sergio's 64' Impala Hittin Switches In Ak

1964 Impala Convertible on Air Ride
1964 Impala Convertible Rag Top 2 Air Zenith OB2 Compressors 7 galloon air tank 3/8 SMC Valves Slam Specialties SS7 in the front, Air Lift in the back. Running 200 psi all 3/8 line The only real modification was to move the rear perches a few inches forward to get a better lock up in the back. Dual batteries. 13x7 Daytons.

Chevy Impala 1964 Low Rider on E-Rider
Filmed at the Asphalt Outlaws car show in Dayton Ohio