Nitro Mania-The WInged Express Fuel Altered

It is the King of Nostagia Drag Racing, The WInged Express Nitro fuel altered has been delighting drag racing fans since the 1960's, catch a glimpse of the lastest version with driver Mike Boyd.

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Winged Express AA/FA
The very famous Winged Express Fuel Altered piloted by Mike Boyd. Footage from many years, Includes that heart wrenching moment in 2005 when we watched the front wheel come off and the Wing hit the wall. Mike was okay, it was sad to see the Wing so badly damaged. One of the most iconic cars in drag racing history. The Wing was restored and is again doing what it does best!

Winged Express Fuel Altered Ride Along-In Car and On Car Video
Once again has the most bitchin Winged Express video! Last year we brought you the famed "Passing" burnout video and now in and on car video from the Winged Express. Exclusively here at

Pure Hell Nanook and more short fuel altered video
Another short un cut un edited AA/FA video taken while hanging out with Rich Guasco and the Pure Hell gang.

2012 March Meet Fuel Altereds Drag Racing Winged Express Bakersfield Video
Fuel Altereds Drag Racing Nitro Cars Winged Express Hot Rod Nostalgia Videos Burnouts Race March Meet Famoso Raceway Nostalgia Drag Racing - Mike Boyd driving the Winged Express Nitro Fuel Altered during exhibition pass on Saturday afternoon of 2012 Bakersfield March Meet. Bakersfield, California - Nitro Fuel Altereds Forever. Bakersfield - when fuel altereds go wrong. 2012 Bakersfield March Meet. Nostalgia Drag Racing Videos, Winged Express, Fuel Altered, Auto Club Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, California. Drift HD Action POV Camera, Night Of Fire altered crash Champion Raceway White City OR, Nitro, nostalgia drag racing. Winged Express, Rat Trap, Nanook, Pure Hell, Rich Guasco Fuel Altereds