Evolution of my 03 Cobra

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93 COBRA BUILD (1000HP GOAL - Twin Turbo 5.4L DOHC - 345/30/18's - Custom IFS)
Build Thread: http://www.theturboforums.com/threads/319499-93-COBRA-BUILD-(100 0HP-GOAL-TT-5-4L-DOHC-345-30-18-s-Custom-IFS)

Sonic Blue 03 Cobra ( highway entrance, quick street race)
Just bored so me and my buddy decided to make a video of my 03 cobra! (sorry for the crappy video quality, my digital camera didn't do it justice) The dodge charger wasn't planned, it was a hemi with Exhaust and other unknown mods. Overall a fun day.

76mm turbo silverado vs 03 mustang cobra w/75 shot
The full story of the turbo Silverado vs the 03 cobra Check out the latest video of this turbo silverado here https://youtu.be/BxDNKvi_-s8 And here https://youtu.be/GxKXpG0Z_S0 Keep in mind this video was created way back when still learning how to video edit and how to use a camera . Thanks

One mean '03 Cobra