77 Le Mans Sport Coupe Lowrider Hydraulics

Two Pump Street CCE Hydraulics kit installed.

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Fans of low-rider cars gather to celebrate their favourite vehicles.
24 March 2007 1. Car 'hopping' (bouncing up and down) at low-rider gathering 2. People at low-rider gathering 3. Cars arriving at gathering 4. Member of the Versace car club (on screen right) and member of the Radicals car club showing their pendants 26 March 2007 5. Wide of 1964 Chevy Impala 6. Wide of Angel's Hydraulics, company specialising in low-rider import and construction 7. Low-rider owners watching mechanic Matsuda Kazuhiko, owner of Angel's Hydralics testing suspension 8. SOUNDBITE (Japanese) Matsuda Kazuhiko, Owner of Angel's Hydraulics : "Guys who own their own businesses, guys with a trade, carpenters, it's guys with a fairly substantial income that drive these cars. These aren't the kind of cars that can be driven by kids with part time jobs. They couldn't afford the maintenance." 9. Various of Kazuhiko fitting motor that powers the hydraulic suspension of a 1987 Monte Carlo 10. Various Kazuhiko testing suspension 11. SOUNDBITE (Japanese) Matsuda Kazuhiko, Owner of Angel's Hydraulics : "On Saturdays there is normally a gathering somewhere. Just recently we got about 200 low-riders together." 24 March 2007 12. Low-rider owners Ueda Hiroaki (on screen right) and friend 13. Various of men doing 'The Crips' walk, a walking style based on one popular with members of Los Angeles gang 'The Crips' 14. SOUNDBITE (Japanese) Ueda Hiroaki, truck driver and low-rider owner : "N.W.A. (a US rap group) - music like that. I saw the promotion videos and thought it was cool. When I saw these kind of cars in the videos, it made me want to drive one. So I came to be a low-rider owner through music, I suppose." 15. Various of Hiroaki slapping car 16. SOUNDBITE (Japanese) Ueda Hiroaki, truck driver and low-rider owner : "No I don't think that "gang culture" is cool. To be in awe of that is well - what is it about? We just do the good bits. I've become middle aged." 17. Men doing dancing at gathering 18. Woman in car 26 March 2007 19. Matsuda Kazuhiko working on car 20. SOUNDBITE (Japanese) Matsuda Kazuhiko, Owner of Angel's Hydraulics : "While we were in elementary school we saw these cool cars in magazines. The suspensions were a dream and by the time I got a driving license I had seen I wanted to drive one but before driving one I wanted to build one, hence I came to work as a mechanic in a low-rider workshop, which in turn resulted in this job." 24 March 2007 21. Dodge Rams (sports trucks) at low rider gathering 22. Dodge Ram with owner 23. Sports truck "dragging" or creating sparks as it drives past LEAD IN: Low-riders are cars or trucks with their suspension modified to ride as low to the ground as possible. For the past fifteen years low-riders have become a conspicuous part of Japan's urban landscapes, particularly in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. But what is it that drives this Japanese sub-culture? STORYLINE : Low-rider owners get together most weekends to 'hop' their cars (bounce them up and down), show off their latest set of wheels and talk about motors. They cruise around downtown Osaka, go on picnics, hold barbecues or like on this particularly wet Saturday night just find a space to hang out together. They come from a variety of backgrounds and do a variety of jobs but share a common passion - cars. This is Angel's Hydraulics, a low rider maintenance workshop in the city of Osaka. Matsuda Kazuhiko has owned the business for twelve years and as a mechanic his work involves every aspect of low-rider maintenance and restoration - from complete engine rebuilds and installation of hydraulic suspensions to the fitting of elaborate interiors. But what is the appeal of low-riders to those at this gathering? Keyword-wacky -bizarre You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/dbdfb2898ef23f0841517edb85b92477 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

first switch video
my first time hittin switches in my car 2 pumps 4 batteries

hoppin and cruisin with my lowrider
first tests off my hydraulic installation. its lookin gooood.

Hydraulic Lowrider Cars Defy Gravity
Hydraulic Lowrider Cars Defy Gravity  Barcroft Cars - The Home Of Amazing Car Stories Online SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1sHvkD5 A car shop in California USA is creating custom lowrider cars that defy gravity. With just a flick of a switch, 3,000 pounds of metal bounces up and down eight feet in the air. Alex Tuason, 25, builds these cars at his father’s shop, Hoppo’s Custom Suspension Works in Ontario, California. Alex removes the coil springs from the car and replaces them with hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic system is switch operated and controlled with a remote or dial on the dashboard. Videographer / Director: Paul Houston Producer: Samantha Grillo Editor: Kyle Waters FACEBOOK: Like Barcroft Cars - http://on.fb.me/1sZ5NGR TWITTER: Follow @BarcroftCars - http://bit.ly/Zy31LB WEBSITE: For licensing & business enquiries, visit the Barcroft Media site - http://bit.ly/19OYwp