Torpedo Boat T56 5000hp Dieselpower Nice sound [HQ]

A short summery with adventures from this summer with the Swedish Motor Torpedo Boat T56!

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3X1650hp W18 diesels swedish torpedo boat T56 (KILLER SOUND)
Swedish Motor torpedo boats T26, T46 and T56.

T121 Spica 130907
T121 Spica lämnar Nynäshamn och går tillbaka till Gålö.

The Fastest Ship in the U.S. Navy: Boeing Pegasus-Class Hydrofoils (720p)
This educational video is shows the Boeing built hydrofoils named after Tucumcari, New Mexico, the design basis for the technology used in the subsequent United States Pegasus-class patrol boats and the Jet-foil ferries. Its unique feature was a water-jet propulsion and a computer-controlled fully submerged foil configuration of one foil at the bow and foils on the port and starboard sides. The Tucumcari was one of two prototype boats contracted by the Navy for the purpose of evaluating the latest hydrofoil technology with a fast top speed of 50 knots. The second boat was the rival Grumman built USS Flagstaff (PGH-1).

12 Most Amazing Boat Engine Swaps You Have Ever Seen
This video features some of the best engine swaps done in boats. Which one did you like the best? -More Engine Swaps: 7 Most Amazing Electric Motor Swaps You Have Ever Seen 7 Most Interesting Engine Swaps You Have Ever Seen 9 Awesome Jet Engine Swaps You Have To See | Insane -Subscribe for more videos: -Disclaimer- Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing." -Credits: Merlon's Master Creation Cummins Speed Boat -by Merlinsoldschoolgarage Lexus V8 in a boat Dateline Bikini jetboat -by peterkibsgaard RB30 Jet Boat Idle -by rb30powered RB30 Jetboat -by rb30powered 2JZ turboXtreme - Single Seater Jet Sprint Boat -by Sprintec Sprint Boats 13b turbo wankel Rotary mazda jet boat Vega 405 -by gearheadchoppers Hilmersson Super Charger Jet Boat -by Ronnie H EDH Performance Super turbo diesel skiboat -by Daniel Hegelstad Big block long tail boat -by nehalemab Nissan VH45 - Twin turbo - Ski Race Boat - Nizpro turbocharging -by Nizpro turbocharging Lexus V8 in a boat -by AV3 RC Sverige S1 test av steglister -by Sävar turbo båten sverige 2013 -by fredrik holmgren Diesel Jet Boat Test Drive -by Leon Wold Sea Ray 170CB TDI Diesel sport boat after a decade! -by Hukon OM606 Skiboat 2016 -by Daniel Hegelstad Green waterskiing -by Daniel Hegelstad Sverige S1 - Testing with Superchargers -by Mattias Sandgren Peter Caughey Qualifying 2 -by Brian Kroll the's mazda turbo 13b rotary vege 405 jet boat -by gearheadchoppers Boat with 2 Saab's turbocharged engines -by Acitune Vator 22 boat with two turbocharged Saab B234R's -by Mathias Joakim