Torpedo Boat T56 5000hp Dieselpower Nice sound [HQ]

A short summery with adventures from this summer with the Swedish Motor Torpedo Boat T56!

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NORWEGIAN NAVY, world's fastest naval vessel
WATCH IN HD WORLD'S FASTEST NAVAL VESSEL Norwegian navy missile torpedo boat (MTB) or corveta's as they are really called, doing a drive by past one of the norwegian navy's coastguard vessels. The corveta skjold is capable of speeds over 60 knots (about 70mph) and is to this day the worlds fastes naval combat vessel. the ships can reach such big speeds by using there catamaran hulls to trap an air bubble underneath the vessel, hence avoiding most of the drag. These surface effect ships carry the same exact armament as the norwegian frigates (fridtjof nansen class) but do not have the same stamina.

Armidale Class Patrol Boat
NEW ACPB VIDEO .....This is the navys new patrol boat class called Armidale Class Patrol Boats. also called ACPB. Copyright HmasMatt (2008-2015)

The most powerful ship in the world !!
Very Strong ship أقوى سفينة فى العالم

Allison V12 Start-up
Starting up of a Allison V1710 V12 engine at the Classic Jets Fighter Museum at the Parafield Airport in South Australia. Engine runs on LPG.