Torpedo Boat T56 5000hp Dieselpower Nice sound [HQ]

A short summery with adventures from this summer with the Swedish Motor Torpedo Boat T56!

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T121 Spica 130907
T121 Spica lämnar Nynäshamn och går tillbaka till Gålö.

3X1650hp W18 diesels swedish torpedo boat T56 (KILLER SOUND)
Swedish Motor torpedo boats T26, T46 and T56.

PT 658 - A Fully Restored Operational WWII PT Boat
Some video I took of PT 658, a fully restored and operational World War Two PT Boat in September 2011. For WW2 buffs, this is a true treasure. For more information, please visit Edit note: I have edited this to remove the claim of "the only" operational PT Boat as another is ready for launching. Read about PT 305 at -water

Schnellboot - german S boat in action
Documentary shooting of times of the Second World War. Music Hammerfell. Glory to the Brave