MY STi & 350z

Me showing off my 2007 Subaru STi and 2003 Nissan 350z.

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AWDKNG [Tesoro Shoot] | EVO X | STI | 350Z |
AWDKNG aka Rome Martinez is leaving in a couple weeks to move to Brooklyn taking his daily driven EVO X. Thought we do a small video while we shoot our cars around in Tesoro and this was the result. Enjoy the video that includes a little cruise to the spot and then a couple shots once we get to the spot. Enjoy...

Review/Walk-around of My 2008 350Z Nismo [SOLD]
Yes, I still have my Mustang and it'll make some more appearances here very soon. But the Nismo has been an absolutely pleasure to experience and I hope that came through on video! As stated, this car does carry a salvage title (I am currently trying to get it titled as "rebuilt") and is for sale for $19,995! With only 40k miles, there are not many out there around this price available. If you've got any questions as all, I will be more than happy to answer them. Check out my pictures on Instagram! Follow me on Twitter!

Plasti Dip my 2011 STI part 3
This is my 2011 STI. I have been dipping for a year now and decided to finally put a video together of my own car. I chose to do Matte Black hood, roof, trunk and wing. For the body I went with Electric Lime Green with Silver Metizer mixed into it for the top 3 coats. I love how it turned out and it has no texture issues. I used the earlex 5500 spray station and it worked very nicely as well. Leave comments and subscribe more to come in the following months. Thanks

My 350z build
I started this build around may of 2015. I bought the car in march so it didn't take long to start messing with it. As you can see in the video I changed the color of it, put NOS in it, and upgraded the interior. I did not include any of the performance upgrades.. besides the nose because I am not finished with it. I'd like it to be finished by summer 2016 but well see where it goes. Thanks for watching and stay tuned to see what's done to the drivetrain! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (