Phil's Volvo 240 DL

Video of the great Volvo 240DL!!!!

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Lowering a Volvo 240
This video is about Lowering a Volvo 240 With its factory stock components. it also improves the handling big time, Please subscribe like us on Facebook at

My Volvo 240 DL (Bumpin my Volvo)
An overview of my 1991 Volvo 240 DL. With a little test of my audio system. This was an amazing project and enjoyed every minute of the build! At 18 years old I had a passion for car audio and had a crazy idea to put 8 (yes 8) 10 inch subs in a half wall with tons of power! Sadly I had to sell the entire setup after I relocated for work. A huge thank you to Tim Maynor and Jonny D of the original T3 audio for helping me every step of the way and being great mentors to me when I was younger!

TURBO Volvo SPANKS Lambo, Vette, and MORE!
MOTHER F*CKER JONES - the 600hp turbo brick in the wind that shocked us all! Powered by a turbo LSX using an eBay special turbo ($200 shipped, to be exact) to push him down the strip at the Pikes Peak Airstrip attack! This is the first Volvo on 1320Video, it’s unique as hell, and this guy was having an absolute BLAST! Mother F*cker Jones Facebook Page: -------------------------------------- 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

Restoration of a 91 Volvo 240
paid 500 for the car + about 150 for all the parts + 2 weeks time. nice little project. runs, drives, and handles like a brand new car. its a 91 volvo 240 non turbo 2.3L auto 4 spd rwd