Clacking Noise from my 1967 MGB GT #2

This is what it looks like with the valve cover off. Does it look like there are oil flow problems?

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Engine noise
Clacking valve noise in my 1967 MGB GT

46 How to Check the Compression
Watch along as John Twist of University Motors show the audience how to check the compression of an MG.

1969 MGC GTS versus Porsche Carrera S
1969 MGC GTS and Porsche Carrera having a bit of fun. While driving a canyon road, I came up on a guy in a Carrera S. Once traffic cleared, he took off while in a residential area so I let him go. He slowed when I didn't follow. Once in a safer area we had a bit of fun. I think he was VERY surprised that he couldn't shake´╗┐ a 38-year-old M.G.!

MGB Differential Repair Part 1
The FIRST of two videos of my attempt to replace the thrust washers in the differential of my 1969 MGB. More videos at my website at (Donate if you want to :) ) I've converted this car to electric drive. The differential is original and it has the familiar clonk on braking, accelerating and backing up.