Corvette Racing Series 2011 Episode 1 - Track to Street

Go to for more racing videos. The Team kicks off the second season of 'Track to Street' at Road Atlanta, testing our their new car for the upcoming 2011 ALMS season.

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S2 Track to Street: Corvette Racing Series, Episode 2
Take a behind-the-scenes look at how the GT2 engine is built for the ALMS Chevrolet Corvette.

1500hp Corvette running on the street!!!
This video contains the first and second race. I should have more footage soon. Watch at the very beginning of the video and you'll see the Vette laying black marks all the way down the street. Check out Follow us on Facebook

Getting Used to the Paddle Shifters on the Corvette I Rented
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Corvette Racing Team #4 Car - Pit Stop during ALMS Race Sept 17, 2011
ALMS Race Sept 17, 2011 - In the pit with the Corvette Racing Team - about as close as one can get during a pit stop without jumping the wall.