Dancing Digger

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6 Year Old Dan Makes JCB Dance 2
Introducing Dan one of Ireland's youngest digger drivers. His ambition in life is to join the JCB dancing diggers!

Excavator Picks up Quarter Off of Cement Floor
Here is part three of my "Mini Excavator Tricks" series. Well someone challenged me I couldn't pick up a quarter off of a concrete floor only using the bucket of the excavator. So here ya go! Haha. This may look easy but it is really, really hard. Like what you see? Check out The Dirt Ninja on Facebook here:

Digger Dance Finale at Ambergate Carnival 2008
The final moments of the JC Balls Digger Dance 2nd performance 12th July 2008 Ambergate Derbyshire

JCB Dancing Diggers
JCB Dancing Diggers