Gabriel följer loppet!

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Shake down 6 april
Team RTech testar Camaro på Gelleråsen. Thed Björk testar för första gången.

xt660r MF gravel
Trying my new tires!

Chevrolet Camaro Race
recorded Chevy Camaros racing in Sweden ( Camaro CUP), Ring Knutstorp. very LOUD sound from all Cars!!! i don't know how many but sure more than 20. *** Watch in Full-HD*** sorry for the speaking man in the background... recorded With LG Optimus 2X

Alx STCC onboard Ring Knutstorp
Onboard lap with Alx Danielsson in the S2000 SEAT Leon. Footage from official test day at Ring Knutstorp 2011-04-13