Subaru SVX Custom Exhaust 2

Another video of the custom Exhaust

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Subaru SVX brutal exhaust sound
Subaru SVX brutal Exhaust sound

Subaru SVX Custom Exhaust
Exhaust custom made for the SVX

Subaru SVX Exhaust Comparison:: WOT ::: Stebro VS. Flowmaster 80 Series ::: SVX Lucy VS. SVX Akina
1st Clip:: SVX Lucy with stock headers, stock pre cats, Magnaflow Hi Flo Main Cat (At the time of video), Stebro Resonator, Stebro Muffler :::: 07 WRX 5Spd 2nd Clip:: SVX Akina with stock headers, stock pre cats, Y - Pipe (no main cat), No resonator, Flowmaster 80 series muffler :: auto 2 Different cars, same street, 2 different cameras, Which Exhaust do u like more?

Subaru SVX Lucy :: Stebro / 07 WRX 5spd ::: Downshift at 0:08 !!!
Driving thru High Point messing around a lil. listen to that pig grunt lol.. Exhaust setup is. stock pre cats.. no main cat.. stebro resonator.. stebro muffler... up to date pics found here....