1923 Ford Model T Roadster, My First Drive

1923 model T Ford Roadster that I had the privilege of working for a friend and he let me drive it home for him. Oh Ya, that was cool!

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1923 Ford Model T
Wank & O'Brien ride in a 1923 Ford Model T.

Drivin' Ivan Drives a 1924 Ford Model T
Drivin' Ivan Drives a 1924 Ford Model T. See all of Ivan's videos and read all of his reviews and articles here: http://www.examiner.com/sports-car-in-national/ivan-katz

1927 Model T Ford

Joy ride in a 1924 Ford Model T
Ride in an authentic Ford Model T restored and driven by my father, Bernie. Watch while Dad gives rides to family members. Listen to the old-time horn and watch Dad work the throttle and shift levers. Ride in air-conditioned comfort from the front seat of the tin lizzie. Hang on tight as this car was built many years before seat belts were invented. Related video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNgLLfhBp_U