Toyota MR2 Turbo races Honda Civic EG Hatch with 10k RPM redline Integra Type R motor Swap

Toyota MR2 turbo races Honda Civic EG Hatch with 10k RPM reline Integra Type R motor Swap

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Mitsubishi Evo 6 vs Toyota MR2 turbo
A quick race through 1st to 3rd gear. Both being careful on their clutches for this one! 3SGTE engine swap in the MR2. Not a proper race - just something to watch and enjoy.

Honda Civic 1.6 Turbo vs 500hp Toyota Supra Turbo
B16 gt3582r turbo vs 2JZ Twin turbo's

1995 Toyota MR2 turbo
A 360-degree view of my 1995 Toyota MR2 turbo for sale.

BUILD: GSR Block ITR Head 1990 EF civic hatch (bonus teaser vid)
This is Cameron's new setup which was my old set up. This gsr block and type r head just got refreshed. The head has SKUNK2 tuner stage 2 cams with retainers and valves springs. Also got the NEW SKUNK2 ULTRA manifold and some other accessories. The block has 12.8:1 pistons and bored 40 over with LS crank. After the Dyno the car put out 216.50whp 140.43tq which is good enough to have fun with in the streets and on the track. GGM// music: song#1 Crowed space free rap beats song#2 hip hop beats insrrumental song#3 rap hip hop 4 beat royalty free song#4 Derick Price "Grip the road"