National Speed: Customer's 2010 Honda Accord - RWD Honda B-Series Powered - Dyno Run...

Early in the tuning session. horsepower and torque numbers will remain undisclosed.

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burn it down
hot honda

TOV Dyno Test: 2013 Honda Accord V6 6MT Coupe
Our first Dyno test of the 2013 Honda Accord V6 6MT Coupe. These results suggest that the J35Y2 in this car is somewhat underrated. This sample vehicle was a full production model (dealer delivered), virtually brand new, with only around 200miles on the odometer at the time of testing.

Accord sedan - Luxury - Sport - Mugen -Los Angeles, CA

Mid engine RWD conversion b20 turbo Honda CRX build, drag racing
A short video of the build, Dyno, some burnouts and drag racing of my mid engine turbo b20 rear wheel drive crx that I built