Slow S4 Dyno

Audi S4 with RS6 KO4s turbos and a bunch of other goodies. 92 mix with 104, AVCR Boost controller.

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Stg3 S4 Dyno at WF13
HeveyS4 puts down 420WHP with stg3, race gas, and dumps. something was wrong and he was losing 3psi Boost too.... always impressive. took home 2nd place in his class for the show.

Nogaro blue s4 dyno
Dyno at waterfest

Audi S4 Dyno test KO4/24 twin turbo 402WHP
Audi S4 Dyno tuning and testing custom setup by vag motorsport and custom tuning by unitronic chipped.

1FastS4 Dyno Pull RS6 Turbo EPL Tuned Audi B5 Stage 3 S4 Plus
3rd pull the best I think...