/DRIVE CENTRAL - October 1, 2012

This week, Drive Central comes to you from the Paris Motor Show, with Chris Harris -- this week on CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS, Chris gets a first look at new Porsche 918 Spyder supercar, Alex Roy's still uncovering Latvia's awesomeness on LIVE AND LET DRIVE and a new season of BIG MUSCLE debuts.

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Is Chevrolet Corvette the Greatest Racing Brand in America? - /SHAKEDOWN
Leo Parente and ShakeDown celebrate Corvette winning the 2012 American Le Mans Series GTE championship and the Grand-Am Daytona Prototype Engine Manufacturers Championship with the new Corvette DP bodywork. By taking a snapshot look at Corvette Racing history and asking you to fill in the blanks with your favorite Corvette racecars and stories. Maybe prompting us to do a deep dive in the future. Links -- http://www.corvettemuseum.org/specs/2006/RacingHistory.shtml http://corvette-racing.tripod.com/index.html http://www.corvetteracing.com/history/2012releases/sebring/sebring3.shtml http://palmeter.com/crhistoryw10p0/ http://www.badboyvettes.com

700HP in the Baltic Lands: Latvia Part 1 of 2 - /LIVE AND LET DRIVE
Since Alex only wants to drive in places American tourists NEVER go, we sent him to Riga, Latvia to meet up with our old friend Oto Godfrey. In Part 1 of our journey to the Baltic Lands, Alex has a look inside and outside the capitol city, where we find houses made of wood, one of the fastest cars in the country, and a KGB Headquarters. Next week on Part 2 of Latvia, we take the car to the track to drift with an F3 driver, visit a DMV from the far future, and fire AK-103 assault rifles at paper assailants.

What Cars Can You Drive For Free? -- AFTER/DRIVE
It's our take on the old "Cars You Need To Buy Now" bit. Michael Prichinello and Zac Moseley are back to talk about which cars you can buy, have fun with, and sell without losing your shirt. Classic Car Club Manhattan http://www.classiccarclubmanhattan.com More at TheDrive.com http://www.thedrive.com/video/8241/which-cars-you-can-buy-now-and-drive-for -free

What Cars Would You Buy For $45,000? -- AFTER/DRIVE
It's a bar game we play on AFTER/DRIVE. Name a price (today, $45,000), then go on eBay and try and satisfy all your automotive proclivities. You do that by bench-buying from one to a zillion cars whose buy-it-now prices, taken together, fall within our price cap. With Michael Prichinello and Zac Moseley from Classic Car Club Manhattan. http://www.classiccarclubmanhattan.com More at TheDrive.com http://www.thedrive.com/video/8066/what-cars-would-you-buy-for-45000