Test eines RC-Radladers (1)

Test eines RC-Radladers (mehr als 400kg Gesamtgewicht) mit SLS-42-110 (www.SinusLeistungsSteller.de) (www.rc-grossmodellbau.de)

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Rc Truck (Træf i Jesperhus Blomsterpark)
Jysk Rc Truck til træf i Jesperhus Blomsterpark 14-09-2013 Jysk Rc Truck meeting in Jesperhus flowerpark 14-09-2013 Intro music is, I dunno, by grapes and is licensed under Attribution (3.0). facebook.com/grapes510

Heavy rc car accident at the construction! Rc action! Fantastic rc live action video for kids!
heavy rc car accident. Fantastic and stunning rc models at the indoo playground. Heavy rescue action on the construction. Awesome wheel loader from komatsu and kirovets k700 in action! Thanks a lot for sharing, commenting, subscribing and thumbs up. All this models work hard on the mine, and makes so much fun! All models are self made or rebuild. Check out my other videos! ______________________________Social Media__________________________ ᐅ My Homepage: http://www.modellkran.de ᐅ Twitter: http://bit.ly/2ikFfg6 ᐅ Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hwfBVJ

Monster machine! New John Deere combine harvester S 690 i at work!
Brand new John Deere spotted during harvesting rape. Edited with the original sound, without music. Enjoy watching!

A-Pak Paving Resurfaces Our Asphalt Driveway
Best Comment so far! (description follows): I recently watched you're video about the installation and sealcoating of you're asphalt driveway. Just thought I'd reach out to you with some friendly input. I've been in the asphalt pavement business for over 10 years so I've got a bit of knowledge. Firstly the reason the asphalt is so coarse is because it appears to be a material referred to as 3TS. A lot of contractors will use this mix because it saves them money. Normally for a new driveway installation or a dig out and repave you would start with a compacted and finely graded stone base and then you would use an asphalt binder for the initial base on top of the stone. The binder is an asphalt comprised of larger stones and ends up being extremely coarse, this layer should be applied at a minimum of 2". After the binder is laid and compacted with a roller then the final layer of extremely fine asphalt should be applied on top of it at 1 1/2 to 2" and then rolled again. Instead of doing this a lot of contractors opt to install 3TS asphalt which is a mix of large and small stone which they do for 2 reasons. First instead of having to do 2 steps they can do one step using the same material for the whole job and second because instead of giving you a 4" driveway they can normally cheat the homeowner and lay down 2-3" of blacktop and line their pockets. As for the sealcoating of the driveway the best tip I can give you is to squeegee the sealcoat on in a giant U shape to ensure even coverage and to make sure you let sealer flow over the sides of the driveway because the first spots to usually give out are the unsealed edges. Hope this helps! - Kevin Lombardo Description: A-Pak Paving, based out of Haymarket, VA resurfaced the asphalt driveway of our home located in Sterling, VA on April 18, 2015. The crew seemed well organized, the equipment in good condition and the work was performed fairly quickly and efficiently. I was especially impressed by the crew's attention to detail, their machinery operating skills and their manual labor strength and endurance on this hot and humid day. They were also careful not to damage our siding and the plantings along our driveway. We are very pleased with the results! That said, this being our first experience with asphalt paving, what do you think of the job done by A-Pak Paving?