Wheelstanding FORD Capri

A recent run at WSID drag racing track in Sydney Australia

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Tristan Ockers's Ford Capri MINCER racing at Sydney Dragway Incar

Trick & Mansweto 7 Sec Capri - In Car Cam - Drag Racing
Trick & Mansweto Racing Capri. Big Block 600 Cube Naturally Aspirated V8. Runs a 7.5 sec quarter mile. http://www.motore.com.au

Born This Way Modifiers Ep. 23 – Tricky’s 440CI Ford Capri R04RY
Tricky’s Capri is all about applying new thinking to old school techniques. Using that approach, Tricky’s been able to take on some of Australia’s fastest street cars in a 1972 Capri. What happens if he loses? He goes back to the drawing board and tries again.

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650hp capri stands on it and has a close encounter with...