Bathurst 1981 Toyota Celica Race Cam - Part Two of Two.


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Ford Capri v Toyota Celica Bathurst 1980 Peter Williamson (Celica), Lauri Nelson (Capri) and Peter Hopwood (Capri), go at it in a classic dice from Bathurst 1980 in the small car class.

1981 Toyota Celica GT Startup, Quick Tour, & Rev
1981 Toyota Celica GT Sorry about this video being so darn shaky. Had so little time & this car was about to run through. If the vid feels as if it bobs in & out, its because I used the youtube video stabilization feature. My Fan page: 2theRedline fan page The new 2theRedlineLLC channel where all future tours ( except personal cars) will be posted

2014 Liquid Moly Bathurst 12 Hour Improved Production Race 1
2014 Bathurst 12 Hour - Race 1 Leigh Forrest TA22 Celica

Bathurst 1981 Toyota Celica Race Cam - Part One of Two.