xr6 Turbo 4" intake


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Brads FG XR6 Turbo PLazmaman Intake
FG XR6 turbo Manual PLazmaman Intake Kit Upgrade Battery Relocation Kit 3" Throttle Body Pipe Replacement Plazmaman Intercooler Piping Kit (Raw Finish) PLazmaman 4" Intake (turbo Side)

CV Performance N/A XR6 Tuning before and after
This BF XR6 is fitted with 4490 Pacemaker Extractors with a X-Force Exhaust plus a Cold air Intake. With just a Custom tune it picks up another 14 Rear Wheel KW. With a Powerbond 25% Underdrive this vehicle would see over 190 rear wheel KW.

XR6T standard Intake Muffler on compared to Process West Intake Muffler Delete kit
Here is a short clip comparing the FG XR6 turbo with and without the intake muffler. The first part is with the car 100% original and the next 2 parts are with only a Process West Intake muffler Delete kit. The difference is minimal and the GoPro did not pick it up very well but it changes the spool up noise from a "whooping" noise to a more crisp turbo spool up noise. I would expect better results if you had an aftermarket air box and filter in place, I still use a standard air box and filter. I think better results could be had on a private road as I was sticking to the speed limits limiting how high I could rev the car.

Spooling XR6-T
Standard Intake XR6T, Unigroup tuned, Centre Muffler Removed.. hooning around in a paddock