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Download:"beta" downloadable, final comming soon Stunt compil with cars modded + my own handling Compil de stunts avec voitures modifiées et mon propre handling Don't use any graphic mod / je n'utilise aucun mod graphique config 1 CM Asus Sabertooth x58 Intel i7 920 2.66GHz OC 2.93GHz ventirad SpinQ V-tech ram 12Go Corsair Vengeance 1333MHz (Kit 3x4Go) Gainward GTX580 1496Mo DDR5 Raid 0 2x Hitachi 7200rpm 1To (=2To) Alim 850W BlueRay Boitier Bitfenix Colossus Black ecran Sony Bravia 127cm config 2 CM Gigabyte Ga-p55-ud6 i7 860 2.80GHz ventirad Zalman CNPS9900 max ram 8Go Corsair Vengeance (Kit 2x4Go) Crossfire 2x Saphyre HD5870 2x1Go = 1996Mo DDR5 WD green caviar 1To (x4) Alim 650W "renforcée" Boitier NZXT Zero2 Triscreen PackardBell 3x1080p 3x23" ♫♪ MUSIC ♪♫ intro: Symphonie n°3 part8 Brahms © 1: Kool Shen Ft. Salif - C'est Bouillant © 2: Roy's Scat - don't know track name © 3: are u gonna be my girl - Jet © 4: BO from movie Snatch audiotrack n°3 (Supermoves - Overseer) ©

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Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Bernie part 5/?
The video lags a bit because I did not use the game's video editor for rendering, I just used Fraps to make the work faster. Enjoy :)

gta4 mods in italiano
per inserire la mod scarica" SparkIV 0.6.8. | IV + EFLC "da qui poi scarica il daragstar di nome" V12 Crazy Hellfury"da qui orascaricate l'handling editor per modificare potenza velocita trazione e molti altri parametri da qui Siccome la mod l'ho disinstallata da tempo adesso non ricordo bene quali settaggi avevo dato al file handling......cmq ho cercato di ricrearli ........inserite la stringa qui sotto in gta4 \common \data all'interno cercate un file di nome handling apritelo con il block note e cercate il nome della moto nrg900 nella sezione bike e sotituite tutta la stringa con questa NRG900 350.0 8.86 85 0.0 0.12 -0.1 0.5 5 0.57 1.78 200.0 1.99 0.60 0.5 40.2 3.56 6.29 28.06 0.13 0.48 2.3 1.5 7.5 0.22 -0.09 0.0 0.5 0.5 1.0 1.8 0.0 0.0 25000 01400404 1 1

GTA 4 : Fast and Furious Part 2/2 (ENG Subs)
Follow us on: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: S&M Team available on Rockstarsocialclub The english subs are available! Orignal "The fast and the furious" parody Mod : Simple Native Trainer La derniere partie de notre projet fast and furious! Apres plus de 200h de travail et de problèmes rencontrés! Tous les credits vont à l'equipe du film original de fast and furious mais aussi à Rockstar, Microsoft, ModmyGta et enfin la S&M Team alias : Yaya94120, Madmatrax93100 qui m'ont beaucoup aider pour le tournage mais aussi DKDKnight et SFX6669 car sans eux aussi le projet n'aurait jamais abouti! Merci à vous tous les gars! Et à une prochaine (et je pense avoir déja ma petite idée!) Last part of our project! After more than 200 hours of job (for free) we did it! Enjoy and please rates and comments! For the song Buy it on iTunes!