2015 BMW M3 M4 Launch Control How-To Demonstration and Drag Strip 1/4 Mile Testing

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How to LAUNCH a BMW M4 (POV Acceleration)
How to enable launch control on the BMW M4 and a demonstration of launch control at the end of the video. Hope you enjoy!

How To Start Your BMW M3/M4 With Valves Open
Hope this helped you and there will be some more vids to come about out M4 Cheers

BMW M4 Launch Control Acceleration Onboard + Outside Sound F82 M3 4er
BMW M4 Launch Control Start - Full Throttle. BMW M Leather Smartphone Case : http://goo.gl/TYjBL1 BMW M6 Launch Control : http://youtu.be/mXfrhR1DNNg Mercedes E63 AMG Launch C. : http://youtu.be/K4pvDz1IXiQ

BMW Launch Control Tutorial
BMW of Ridgefield teaches us how to launch a BMW full speed using the Launch Control feature in this 2014 BMW M5. Watch Service Manager Dan demonstrate how to safely activate Launch Control in your BMW today. BMW of Ridgefield hit the runway this April to launch our BMW M vehicles down the airstrips of Danbury, CT with the help of Eagle Air. This an instructional video for demonstration purposes only. Vehicle operated by a experienced driver on a closed course. Launch Control feature should be performed under safe conditions by an experienced driver. Using this feature multiple times may not be covered under warranty or maintenance contract.