Cummins vs duramax vs trans am vs chevy and more drag racing!

A lot of races of may 1st 2008 in campo 115! Duramax, trans am,cummins ,lightning!

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Bobo's Twin Everything Duramax 2007
Video of my 05 Duramax doing rolling 40mph burnouts,drag racing, and sled pulling. If you are interested in parts for your Duramax Diesel, please visit my website

Duramax Vs Cummins sled pull
My friend and I's first sled pull. Yeah I know it wasn't a fair comparison but hey, as long as my truck wins. :-) He has Edge tuner, silverline Exhaust and cool intake filter/box. Mine has Banks big hoss bundle plus lots of classified stuff. Both our trucks are daily drivers and tow regularly. I post this for fun and entertainment only, not trying to knock anyone, so enjoy. Plus it is fun to rub it in on the loser. Hopefully I will have a drag strip trial soon.

03 ford lightning vs dodge cummins
swift racing dodge cummins racing vs a ford lighting

Cummins Terror Burnout
Gas mado to diesel! Light truck! cummins burnout , very powerfull cummins......TERROR!!!!!!!! 11.4 sec 1/4 the air is if we take the truck to some place like arizona,california or even other states it does 10.8 in 1/4 mile......WITHOUT NOS!!!!