Cummins vs duramax vs trans am vs chevy and more drag racing!

A lot of races of may 1st 2008 in campo 115! Duramax, trans am,cummins ,lightning!

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duramax vs cummins race 2
2002 duramax with ppe hot+2 stacked with banks and many extra goodies!!! 1999 cummins with who cares its a dodge!!

Cummins Terror Burnout
Gas mado to diesel! Light truck! cummins burnout , very powerfull cummins......TERROR!!!!!!!! 11.4 sec 1/4 the air is if we take the truck to some place like arizona,california or even other states it does 10.8 in 1/4 mile......WITHOUT NOS!!!!

Dodge Cummins vs Chevy Duramax
Two badass diesel trucks battle at the drag strip.

Cummins vs Duramax - Swift Racing
Peters Cumins Performance vs 06 Dmx(Albert Froese)