Cummins vs duramax vs trans am vs chevy and more drag racing!

A lot of races of may 1st 2008 in campo 115! Duramax, trans am,cummins ,lightning!

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24v Cummins vs 12v Cummins
Has to be watched 2: Awsome burnout! They both have mods.....this race was taken some time ago so they both have more mods....but the red one is faster...they both do 1/4 mile is around 12 to 12.5 in mexico but if they are in the usa the air is different and do about 11 sec.....

Diesel Tuner Shootout (Hypertech vs. Superchips vs. Edge)
Independent road testing of Hypertech, Superchips, and Edge on Chevy 6.6L Duramax, Ford 6.0L Power Stroke, and Dodge 5.9L Cummins.

Dodge Cummins vs Chevy Duramax
Two badass diesel trucks battle at the drag strip.

617hp 5speed Cummins VS EFI Live tuned 06 Duramax
filmed in mexico 5 speed 12v VS 06 duramax,the gap just got bigger an bigger