Audi 100 s4 " THE MONSTER"

audi 100 s4 " THE MONSTER"

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1992 Audi S4 | Retro Review
This is not your average sedan.

Audi 100/S4 c4. The new body, but the soul remained...
Audi 100 - the name of the family cars business class, which were made by Audi in Germany from 1968 to 1994. The fourth generation Audi 100, which is, in fact, highly processed third Audi 100, was in September 1990 at a plant in Ingolstadt. Following the trends of the time, the car Audi okruhlylasya and increased in size.

Brian's 1994 Audi UrS4 First Start
Fully built engine, JE Pistons, Precision GT35R, etc...first start up after head gasket mix-up

quattro diagonal test.
This shows how the EDS diffbrake system makes the car move out of this diagonal wheel spin. with only open differentials, one front and one rear wheel would spin, and even if the spinning front wheel got contact with the ground, so that both front wheels had traction, the car would NOT move without EDS, because the torsen center diff cannot transfer any torque if one of the axles loses traction completly, as if one rear wheel is off the ground like in this video, then that would be the only wheel that would spin, all others would stand still. So the EDS uses the brake to brake the spinning rear wheel so the other side that has all the weight also gets some torque and add a overall load to the rear axle, making the torsen transfer equal torque divided by the built-in Torque Bias Ratio (TBR) witch i guess is 1:3 on this car, so the front wheels gets the rear wheel torque divided by 3, witch makes the car move.