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Whelen Slimmiser LED Dash Light

Whelen Slimmiser LED Dash Light


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EAGLE EYE Gen3 LED Visor Light

Whelen Responder Super LED Mini Lightbar
Whelen Responder Super LED Mini Lightbar

180w LED Spot light bar and 27w LED flood lights
Sorry for saying "um" about a thousand times!!! These are some lights that I just added to my Jeep. NOTE: The output in this video is not even close to the real output! The flood lights alone shine Follow my instagram: http://instagram.com/alexosbourn

Dual Avenger LED Whelen Dash Light
Whelen Dual Avenger LED Dash Light. Whelen Emergency Front Dashboard Windshield and Rear Deck LED Lights. Available in Amber Blue Clear White and Red. AVN2

Axixtech Titan LED Dash Light Colors and Patterns
This is the new Axixtech Titan compact LED Dash Light. This unit replaces the bulkier MicroMax LED Dash Light. It has a smaller footprint but with a larger optical output than its predecessor. The Titan has a fixed flash shield with an adjustable angle light head to accommodate most any windshield. It has the same great 19 flash patterns found in the older MicroMax as well. This unit has it all. It's small so it does not block your vision. It's bright so it moves traffic, even in the daytime. And it's from Axixtech. A name you can trust with the best in the industry, no hassle, five year warranty. Visit our store at http://www.responderpse.com for more information about this great new light.

Newly Added Whelen SlimMiser
Added a Whelen SlimMiser to my POV

For details please click http://stores.ebay.com/xela2010store

Vertex application on lift back / hatch back of Chevy Tahoe with SlimLighter
Whelen Vertex mounted inside lift back of Chevy Tahoe for visibility when door is open. SlimLighter showing through window tint. Whelen SlimLighter TIR6 Super-LED Light http://www.sirennet.com/whelslimmver.html Whelen Vertex Super-LED Hide-A-Way Light http://www.sirennet.com/whvtx609.html

Whelen Ultra Slimlighter Super LED Dash Light
Whelen Ultra Slimlighter Super LED Dash Light

SVP ULB9 Mini Phantom LED Dash Light
SVP ULB9 Mini Phantom LED Dash Light

Axixtech Stealth Visor Interior LED
Axixtech Stealth Visor Interior LED

18 LED Blink Lamps Strobe Deck Dash Lights
Brighten up your boring dashboard with this easy-mount light which has 18 amber LED's which flash in 3 different patterns, easily changed at the press of a button. The light comes with an adjustable bracket which allows you to angle it, suctions pads which let you attach it wherever you like on your dashboard or windscreen and simply plugs into your car's cigarette lighter charger. No bolts, no nuts and screws, no tricky wiring, no permanent attachment! Feature: 3 flashing modes Easy to control on/off switch Super bright Long-lasting Low energy helps save your power supply Adjustable angle to fit different screen Dimensions: LED dimensions: 12 x 9 x 5cm (4.5 x 3.4 x 2") Power: car cigarette lighter charger/12V available Color or color combos: white, amber, red, blue, green Number of LED'S :18 in 3 rows (each row has 6 LEDs)

Led Dash light
4 head led dash light

Crazy Lights LED indirect lighting for the ceiling.
Installed 4 strings of LED crazy lights on the back of the crown molding in the tray of our sunrooom. These are awesome for the money. Comes with a power supply and a controller that has 132 different patterns on it. Just stuck them to the back side of the crown molding with some 3M double sided tape. You can get these from a company called ledlightshack.com.

Unit 1 lighting emergency POV silverado 3500hd whelen led blue light lights
MY 2010 CHEVY SILVERADO 3500HD POV FIRE/EMS/ POLICE ALL WHELEN NO BULLSHIT.crew cab long bed. All Whelen lights controlled by Cencom gold two 100w speakers, whelen eight head T/A(rear window),2xM9 blue, 2x M7 blue (both in grill), 2x 500series split blu/wht (on mirrors), Now for the Linz6 4x blue, 4x red, 2x white,( in wheel wells, rear side windows, and grill). Now for Linz3 4x blue 4x white (on side bars) now for VERTEX 6x white, 5x blue, 4x red 4x split blu/wht. (Vertex used in cab clearance lights head and tail lights, 3rd brake light, and front fog lights) And That's all for NOW!! Thanks to Justin Grant and the guys at WARNOCK FLEET for wiring and install. Best install work in NJ. www.WarnockFleet.com or 1-877-KOP-KARS

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1998 Dodge Dakota R/T twin turbo: 9.890 @ 157.890
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Dahrl Clark, Engine: 340 Mopar, Tires: ET Drag slicks

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Kevin Johnson, Engine: 408, Supercharger: Garret GT4276 Turbo Tires: MT ET Drag 28

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Duner, Engine: 5.9, Supercharger: na Turbos: T76 Tires: Hoosier 29x12.5x15 slicks

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Mallory Kenney, Engine: 446, Tires: 13x31x15

1992 Dodge Dakota R/T: 10.620 @ 125.640
Byron Kroll, Engine: 360 MAGMUM STD. BORE, Tires: 15X3.5, 15X10- 26

2000 Dodge Dakota R/T: 11.080 @ 123.940
Wayne VanderMeer, Engine: 408, Supercharger: D1SC Tires: 28x13.50-15 ET streets

2000 Dodge Dakota R/T: 11.179 @ 120.910
Ed Morris, Engine: 363 Magnum, Turbos: Turbonetics TO4E 60-1 Tires: Hoosier QTP rear - MT ET fronts

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ROBERT, Engine: 3.9, Supercharger: NONE Turbos: NONE Tires: 325/50-15 BFGS AND NEXXEN SKINNIES

2002 Dodge Dakota R/T: 11.310 @ 120.390
Dave Downing, Engine: 360, Supercharger: Paxton Novi-2000 Tires: 28x13.50 Hoosier QTP 28x4.5 Moroso DS-2

2001 Dodge Dakota R/T: 11.360 @ 118.750
David Peterson, Engine: Mopar 408 - All Motor, Tires: Hoosier slicks and front runners

2000 Dodge Dakota : 11.490 @ 114.010
Corey, Engine: 4.7 liter v8, Supercharger: whipple Tires: 17 inch yokohoma

2003 Dodge Dakota R/T: 11.490 @ 116.000
chris oshenic, Engine: magnum 6.7L 408 N/A,

1999 Dodge Dakota RT VORTECH Supercharger: 11.515 @ 115.400
doug hicks, Engine: 5.9, Supercharger: VORTECH Tires: 26x11.5x15 Hoosier Quick time

1988 Dodge Dakota : 11.715 @ 113.720
Shawn Horan, Engine: 451 stroker (4.375 bore X 3.75 stroke), Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: M/T E.T. drag radials

1997 Dodge Dakota SLT: 11.750 @ 118.690
Rich, Engine: 5.9, Tires: MT ET Street 275/60R15

1999 Dodge Dakota RT vortrch v-2: 11.887 @ 113.560
doug hicks, Engine: 5.9, Supercharger: vortrch v-2 Tires: 30x12.5x15 et street

1993 Dodge Dakota LE: 12.092 @ 110.750
Michael Oellrich, Engine: Magnum 360 stroked to 426, Supercharger: No Turbos: No Tires: F 225-60-15 BFG Rad T/A - R 275-60-15 M/T Drag Rad

1989 Dodge Dakota : 12.170 @ 111.000
Mike Kollatz, Engine: 360, Tires: 275/50 Mickey Thompson

2000 Dodge Dakota R/T: 12.223 @ 109.670
Chris Connor, Engine: 360, Tires: MT ET Street 28 X 11.5 X 15


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