Kaylor Motor Install.mov

Kaylor Motor Adaptor Electric Car Kit. This is installed in a 69 VW Ghia. We are testing a modern controller to power the old Starter/Generator motors for these Kits. These conversion kits were specifically built for the old VW platform. They work great but work best on the old fiberglass beach buggies.

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vehiculo electrico casero (0) hecho en Costa Rica
Una vez instalado el motor y sus componentes, se hacen pruebas con la caja de velocidades. La relacion de velocidad entre motor llanta es perfecta. No se usa sistema de embrague

(16) Electric Suzuki Samurai EV the brake system
EV3 brake system

First spinnup
More details at http://www.electric-lemon.com First test of EV motor mounted to transmission. Powered from a 12V battery using a contactor to turn it on and off. The tranny has 80.000 miles on it so it's kind of noisy but the metal cart it's on makes it sound a lot worse than it is.

$600 Electric Truck Conversion
http://www.useafuel.com - Convert an old car into an electric vehicle. This is actually as easy as it sounds in the video. You might have most of the components already. If not someone local has it for cheap. I hope this inspires you to build your own and there will be a lot more videos to come.