SRT-4 Exhaust

Neon SXT with SRT-4 Exhaust

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2004 Neon Sxt with SRT-4 axle back exhaust
OEM SRT4 Axle back Exhaust. non resonated. the Car is a 04 SXT Neon. .

2004 Dodge Neon SXT Exhaust SRT-4 Perrin Muffler Box
My brother's 2004 Dodge Neon SXT. SRT-4 Perrin Muffler Box and cheap aftermarket wires. Just to see video quality. I didn't want to put his plate in any of these video's so hopefully better Exhaust videos soon. We took this Exhaust off the SRT-4, ($1,400 Exhaust) and just welded up some adapters and this muffler box on his Neon. Check out his 0-60 video! haha

New Full Custom 3" exhaust SRT-4
Stage 2 SRT-4...full TBE w/muffler. Showing different tones thru-out RPM band and turbo sound, as well as a quick Rev at the end of video.

Stock SRT-4 Exhaust
Just my new bone stock 04 SRT-4 revving it up a bit.