Last Friday Night...At The Berlin Turnpike

We were hanging out in a parking we usually do. Talking and joking around about various things until we saw this poor Maxima have it's suspension crushed. We also saw some hipsters locking up their scooters. That kids pants were way to tight and that sweater was terrible. Enjoy the social commentary. Watch in full 1080P for the best video and sound quality! The Car Life on Facebook: The Car Life on Twitter:

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Random clips from Saturday night on the Berlin Turnpike

car show berlin, ct
just about every weekned these car gather at this same burger kind on the berlin turnpike in Connecticut .. pretty nice show.

Stanced Maxima Trailer
Stanced Maxima Trailer

Berlin turnpike idiot!
Dude gets pulled over once an not even ten min later does a hole shot and a undercover shows up in the middle of it. Cop says (didn't u just get stopped)?