Last Friday Night...At The Berlin Turnpike

We were hanging out in a parking we usually do. Talking and joking around about various things until we saw this poor Maxima have it's suspension crushed. We also saw some hipsters locking up their scooters. That kids pants were way to tight and that sweater was terrible. Enjoy the social commentary. Watch in full 1080P for the best video and sound quality! The Car Life on Facebook: The Car Life on Twitter:

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'Pike Nights on the Berlin Turnpike | Episode 2
This episode features the Nissan 350z, Audi A6 and VW GTI VR6! If you want to have an in-depth feature of your car come by and ask me! My name's Dan and I'm usually hanging out with some German cars and a couple of Z's. I go out on Friday nights. ----- Songs used are listed below and all are CC BY Free to use Commercially! Use them yourself if you want! Mine Yours Ours by George Ellinas. Wave Shooter by Khroner.

'Pike Nights on the Berlin Turnpike | Episode 3 Bike Tricks!
Some sick tricks from last weekend. Enjoy! ---- OPENING: Wave Shooter by Khroner. CC-BY Licensed.

Berlin Turnpike Taco Bell "Police find gun"

Man Arrested After Burnout in Acura Integra
This was a typical night at the McDonald's drive-through on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington, Connecticut back in the late 1990's. This was before The Fast & Furious movie came out and ruined the tuning scene. I filmed this on a Sony Super Hi8 tape recorder.