Lego Desert Eagle .50 Cal (WORKING)

Due to popular request i reposted this video without sound on my new channel. Here is the link: I will be posting new lego gun videos on that account from now on so check it out and subscribe. Modified version of Jack Streat's Desert Eagle on my Channel now! Link: WOW OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED MY VIDEOS!! DESERT EAGLE V3 Video out now!!! Link: Links to the V3 instructions... Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Finally, My desert Eagle V2. It has an all new design, new mag, and increased range compared to my old one. I hope you enjoy it. Comment, rate, subscribe.

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LEGO Desert Eagle (Working)
Song: Trap Reva By DJ AtLas: INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MAKING!!!!: Modern Warfare 2 fans rejoice: The Desert Eagle Features: - brand new jam-proof feeding mechanism - ultra-smooth loading action - easy change rubber band system - best in class button style mag catch - slide lock for quick changing magazines Like, comment and subscribe to my channel for more lego weapons Follow me on Twitter @snyzer177 for upcoming weapons and instructions - Song:

Underworld Inc: Illegal Hand Made Colt 1911 Pistols Ghost Gun
This family handcrafts replica firearms deep in the Philippine jungle as their source of income. These guns are called ghost guns because there is no serial number and they are untraceable.

LEGO Desert Eagle (with blowback)
MOCpages: LEGO Desert Eagle from Lego Heavy Weapons. one of the reasons I built this was because I already tried to build it 3 times before and the blowback didn't work,until I saw that I didn't notice a gray pin,so I just HAD to make it again.

Best 50 cal fails
BEAST MODE LIFE 50 cal fails, the usage of the word 50 cal in title. is just a common usage in a search term for all those not to familiar with all the 50 ammos out there. Including 50bmg and 50AE, not all uploads are 50 cal some are extras for some laughs. Thanks and enjoy