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1993 Chevy C3500 Cheyenne Dually

1993 Chevy C3500 Cheyenne Dually. Has mounting port for fifth wheel hitch, but we do not have a hitch to go with it. It is a high mileage truck, but 95% of all the miles were spent on the highway hauling trailers. It did have a transmission fluid leak so we tried to fix it by installing a new pan gasket. Thar didnt fix it so we took to a shop and had it professionally looked at and fixed. The transmission no longer leaks. Also, while in the shop we had a new starter put in it. The engine is a Vortec V8, and it has alot of power for hauling trailers of any size. Currently the paint is chipping pretty badly so you can by as is for $4200 OBO or let us have it painted and buy it for $5200 OBO. It will be painted back in white only since thats its original color. You can E-Mail me at gore.dakota@yahoo.com Thank you for looking!


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1996 Chevy Tahoe
1996 Chevy Tahoe. It has the Vortec V8 Engine and the 4x4 package. the rear windows and black glass are all tinted so dark that youd have to have your hands cupped around your eyes on the glass just to see in. Its sitting on a set off 22" chrome wheels as well, however tires are due to be replaced. It has a $4000 sound system in it. Including 2 JBL 12" Subwoofers. This car can be FELT coming down the road. The system will shake you, the guy in the car next to you, nd the windows of buildings nearby. The only real issue with this vehicle is bad gas mileage (its a v8 tahoe, of course gas is going to suck) just few minor dents (not even visible from the photographs or video) vur i will send you detailed pictures of the dents and send them to you if you like. The interior carpet is dirty, but im going to have cleaned tomorrow so it will look almost brand new. Keywords: 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1995 1997 1998 1999 Chevy Chevrolet Tahoe Yukon Denali Vortec V8 v8 350 motor engine JBL Subs Subwoofers Sound System Amp Amplifier Trade Mustang GT Suzuki Subaru Impreza Dodge RAM Ram 1500 2500 3500 Ford F150 F-150 F250 F-250 Pontiac GTO Camaro Trans-Am Transam Competition Custom Black Paint Black Window Tint Dark Loud Shake Loudest

Chevy Dually 4x4 Duramax Allison intake & Exhaust Upgrades, For sale
www.sellharleys.com American motorcycle trading co, since 1996, we are an authorized Stallion Trike dealer, we buy and sell Harleys, choppers, cruisers, and all types of motorcycles

chevy 4x4 dually going up a hill
We was pulling a tree and just took it up the hill just to see how much ground clearance to see how much of a lift kit we may wount to put on it !

1971 Chevy Cheyenne C20 4x4
Here is a very nice 1971 Chevrolet C20 Cheyenne 4x4. Great condition inside and out. A great truck at a great price.

1972 Chevy C10 Cheyenne GoPro HD Cruise
Cruising around in my truck with my wife. Just got my new wheels on. Torq Thrust 2. 18x8.5 in the front and 20x10 in the rears with Nitto Invo tires.

1998 Chevy Cheyenne K2500 4X4 Extended Cab
1998 Chevy K2500 4X4 Cheyenne. This is a daily driver truck in Oklahoma.

1972 Chevy Cheyenne Pick Up

1986 Chevrolet Silverado C30 Quad Cab Dually Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour
In this video I give a full in depth tour of a 1986 Chevrolet Silverado C30 Dually. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this truck while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration. A thorough tour/review of this truck designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.

Hill climb, full load, soft ground 2x4!
2x4-'69 chevy fully loaded with firewood climbs a steep hill made of soft sand. skilled drivers only!

Gentelman Jim / Black Bart C-30 4dr. pick up
This is just a real solid example of a 78 one ton dullie,I bought it as a fixer & keeper but if the the right offer came along well ?? I also do restorations /fixers for time/material $45.00 an hr.shop rate

Fifth Wheel Hitch Install Chevy Silverado - etrailer.com
http://www.etrailer.com/tv-install_fifth_wheel_2007_chevrolet_silverado.asp x Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Today we are going to be installing the Signature Series Fifth Wheel part number 30061. On a 2007 new body style Chevy Silverado pickup 2500. The first thing we need to do is lower the spare tire to gain access to the under body. Next we will need to remove the heat shield or else it will be in the way during our installation. After we remove the heat shield we want to go ahead and put the rear cross member into place. As you can clearly see that we have already put the cross member in. It will be easier if you loosen or remove the bed bolts. There are 4 middle ones that if you take them out or loosen they will allow you extra room when putting the cross member back into position. Then go ahead and install the front and rear channel. You can see we have both cross members into position now. The next step will be to mount the side brackets on the side of the frame. On this 2007 new body style Chevy pickup it has this optional brake controller unit built into the dash board. All of the electronics for that unit are mounted here on the driver side frame rail. They offer an after market bracket which is part number 58318. That is what we are going to have to use to relocate this so we can get the frame bracket up into place without interfering with this. We are back on the outside of the frame rail here. We are going to show you the 6 fasteners that are holding the electronic brake control unit to the side of the frame. You can see there are five 10 mm bolts and one 13 mm here as well. Which all of them need to be removed that will give us access to the brake controller on the frame. You want to make sure to support the unit on the other side before removing the bolts because it will fall. We have removed the brake controller components and attached them to the after market bracket part number 58318. It is going to mount to the frame with the same hardware that the frame brackets are going to use. We are going to install these spacers in between this bracket and the frame well also. So it spaces them away from each other. Now we have the mounting plate attached to the electrical brake controller unit on the inside of the frame. The next step is going to be to go ahead and put the frame brackets on. As you can see there is a cut out here that will go right around that section right around the axle. Now when this frame bracket is in position the holes align with the already existing holes. You can see we have the frame bracket in place like I said before the 5/8 x 2 inch bolt fits with most models. However with us having the brake control bracket on the other side we use the longer bolt that they provided with it. Actually bring it out this way a little more and attach the lock washer and nut here. This here is the other extra bolt holding on the brake control bracket which gets fastened with a 7/16 washer and nut. Over here to the forward most hole and again that is going to be mounted from the inside out. We are going to have to fish it through the frame with the use of this bolt leader here. Basically what we are going to do is fish this through the hole like so meet up with the bolt on the other side of the frame. Then wrap the threads with the bolt leader here and then pull it back through. Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

chevy 454 dually 4x4 k30 pulling tree stump roots
Hi this a our 454 1992 chevy dually 3500 4x4 1ton we are just play pulling some roots!

99 Chevy Dually 3500 Whipple Supercharger XLNT 2 Owner FOR SALE
This is a Sweet lowered Pulling Machine it has Air Ride has had lots of upgrades and mods i dont know what all has been done to it however the truck Hauls ASS and Looks Bitchin... Someone babied this rig... It has only had 2 Owners and is in GREAT shape a guy COULD Lower it and make the ride all crappy or hook it up like it is this truck NEED'S NOTHING... drives like a dream HAS A WHIPPLE Supercharger A guy could haul anything in this mean Machine. If your looking for NICE this is it the truck frives great make sure and check out my other videos and make sure and subscribe to my channel i always get LOW MILE UNIQUE STUFF all the time and i sell them cheap and fast Call me anytime Nathan Wratislaw 406 544 6919

1993 Chevy Dually 6.5L Turbo Diesel Truck rough Startup

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