Kiggly Racing 8.558 - Quickest FWD Car Running Gas

Kiggly Racing 1991 Plymouth Laser FWD Gasoline Record - Any FWD Car DSM Gasoline Record

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Kiggly Racing FASTEST FWD DSM on the dyno at BCP
Kiggly's own drag car on the Dyno at BCP for some testing. The noise this car makes is unbelievable. The car is a great example of automotive ingenuity!

Kiggly vs. Dave Henry's Supra @ BIR
DSM vs. Supra in the final round of MAPerformance's Quick 16 shootout at BIR. Kiggly told me after this pass that this was his best E.T. yet in this car.

8 sec fastest FWD Laser @ BIR on July 11, 2009

Kiggly Racing | HLA Pressure Regulator (Universal)
Get yours today at maperformance: Hey everyone its Erik from Today we are going to check out Kiggly Racings HLA Pressure Regulator. Model Number KIG UNI-HLA. This part Fits all 4G63 including DSM and EVO 8/9, fully engineered, developed, and tested internally and is 100% Made in the USA! From drag racing to spirited street driving, if you are pushing more power this part is an absolute must. While actively Regulating Lash Adjuster Supply Pressure to a Constant 15psi it keeps the oil where it belongs, in the pan! and not in the head. Allowing your rotating assembly to keep doing its job. More oil in the head than is needed equals less oil in the pan and bearings, which is not a good thing... Cam oil is still at full pressure, so your turbo feed doesn't change meaning you wont lose power. You might be wondering if you really need this or not? Typically, unless you're able to do the research and prove that oil pressure is a problem in your vehicle you may not feel compelled to install an HLA. But if you are making quick 1/4 mile passes and know that oil distribution is an issue then this is the perfect solution to reducing oil flow to the head and reducing drain back to the pan. Either way, this inexpensive piece just may save your engine bearings, so we highly recomend them to anyone who likes peace of mind. Lastly installation is super simple: simply remove the OEM distribution block from your cylinder head above cylinder #4 and replace it with the regulator. the distribution plate is sandwiched between the regulator housing and the cylinder head. no sealant is required or recommended. torque the bolts to 8ft-lbs and off you go. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop them in the comments below! be sure to pick up your own Kiggly Racing Pressure Regulator today at