Fiesta zetec-s throttle bodies

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fiesta zetec s 1.6 16v superchip + piper x induction kit + well looked after
my fiesta zetec s accelerating (on the flat) after changing my sparkplugs and cleaning my air filter. 1.6 petrol i think it is about 110wbhp about 154nm of torque after chip and induction kit.

ITB'd 2.0 Duratec Mk5 Zetec-S
Engine: 2.0 OC Motorpsorts ST150 Engine, Titan Roller Bearing Throttle Bodies, Webber Fuel Pressure Regulator, uprated fuel bump... omex 600... running 187bhp and 149 lbs of torque.. Transmission: ST150 Gearbox, Escort RS turbo S2 LSD, Focus Gear stick and gear linkages...

Throttle Bodied Mk6 Fiesta
170bhp Throttle Bodied Mk6 Fiesta in a Multistorey, such an amazing noise! 1.6 Zetec SE, Shawspeed SS5 cams, Jenvey Throttle Bodies, 8000rpm limit, OMEX 600 ECU, Race Technology Dash, Full Milltek.

Drag & Drift Event Fiesta Zetec S on Throttle Bodies