Formula Offroad, Stage 6, Finland 2012!

Produced by Bjørn Michaelsen, Insane Racing Want to see some really cool pictures from this event? Go to: This video is from round number 4 in the NEZ Formula Offroad Cup. Arne Johannessen Norway Lightfoot Lightfoot racing Roar Johansen Norway Thunderbolt Lightfoot racing Kjell Magne Rimstad Mikal Johnsen Tuukka Laasonen Finland Race Linda Race Linda Rolf Keiser Sweden Terminator Tommi Löytynoja Finland Big Willy´s Big Willy´s team Christian Austad Martin Michaelsen Norway Insane Insane racing Ronny Pedersen Norway Troll Troll racing Tom Egil Bårnes Thomas Lundblad Norway DevilX Trouble Ole Eldar Samuelsen Per Anders Norstedt Sweden T-rex Motlut Offroad Ole Kristian Rustan Fredrik Sandkvist Sweden Predator Predator Racing Torbjörn Eriksson Mikael Andri Fridriksson Henning Anundsen Ulf Drakenheim Sweden Dragon Wagon Dragon Wagon FO Thomas Evsäter Jimmy René Pettersen Norway Blue Boy Blue Boy Racing Gudbjørn Grimsson Island turbo Tröllid Dream Team Ingolfur Gudvardason Island Guttinn Dream Team Tomas Nyholm Finland T-rex Motlut Offroad

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Formula Offroad cars, snow mobiles and motor bikes driving on water in Hella, Iceland! Produced by Bjørn and Martin Michaelsen NEXT HERO with Johan Waltari! #NEXTHERO

Formula Offroad Uppsala NEZ Cup 2012
NEZ Cup competition #2 . SMK Uppsala

NEZ Formula Offroad 2012, Stage 6, Hyvinkää Finland Unlimited: 1. 105 Tuukka Laasonen, FIN -Race Linda. 250 pts. 2. 109 Martin Michaelsen, NOR -Insane. 250 pts. 3. 123 Gudbjorn Grimsson, ICL -turbo Tröllid 210 pts. 4. 112 Thomas Lundblad, NOR -DevilX. 250 pts. 5. 107 Tommi Löytyoja, FIN -Big Willy´s. 230 pts. 6. 102 Roar Johansen, NOR -Thunderbolt. 350 pts. 7. 101 Arne Johannessen, NOR -Lightfoot. 220 pts. Modified: 8. 203 Jörgen Paulsen, NOR -No Limit. 150 pts. 9. 201 Ketil Johnsen, NOR -Kermitnation. 190 pts 10. 219 Bjarki Reynirsson, ICL -The Animal. 190 pts. 11. 214 Petri Simelius, FIN -KOR-661. 140 pts. Standings after race: 1. 102 Roar Johansen, NOR -Thunderbolt. 1850 pts. 2. 105 Tuukka Laasonen, FIN -Race Linda. 1834 pts. 3. 112 Thomas Lundblad, NOR -DevilX. 1766 pts. 4. 109 Martin Michaelsen, NOR -Insane. 1737 pts. 5. 101 Arne Johannessen, NOR -Lightfoot. 1666 pts. 6. 107 Tommi Löytyoja, FIN -Big Willy´s. 1633 pts. 7. 123 Gudbjorn Grimsson, ICL -turbo Tröllid 1368 pts. 8. 106 Rolf Keiser, SWE -Terminator. 1290 pts. 9. 120 Ulf Drakenheim, SWE -Dragon Wagon. 946 pts. 10. 124 Ingolfur Gudvardason, ICL -Guttinn. 655 pts 1. 201 Ketil Johnsen, NOR -Kermitnation. 1790 pts 2. 203 Jörgen Paulsen, NOR -No Limit. 1618 pts. 3. 219 Bjarki Reynirsson, ICL -The Animal. 1469 pts. 4. 214 Petri Simelius, FIN -KOR-661. 1217 pts.

1000 HP 4x4 Hill Climber 2 INSANE - WINS Formula Offroad Matrand 15!
Formula Offroad in Matrand, Norway. The first race with Insane Racing's brand new Formula Offroad build, 2 INSANE. Almost 2 years after Martin Michaelsen broke his neck in three places in Skien, he is back and takes the win in his first race! 2 INSANE is powered by a Whipple supercharged 427 LS7 from Mast Motorsports! The weight of the car is 1330 kg. Spidertrax axles Insane Racing want to thank: Mast Motorsports, Albert E Olsen, Elgeseter Billakkering, Sparco, Poly Peroformance, KEFCAR and Team Verksted! Filmed by Eric Nilsson! Produced by NEXT HERO Photo by Lars Mårtensson, Extreme Hill climb