300m VS intrepid 2.7( special) race clip

sorry it's so short, my camera's battery took a crap.

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300M vs Impalla SS
Jon's 300M Special Vs my brother in law Joey's Impalla SS Location was at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis video made by me with some music from resident evil theme artist: Marilyn Manson enjoy and thanks for watching

300M (3.5l) Chase Custom Intrepid ( 2.7 )
the intrepid's a buddy of mine, here- http://www.youtube.com/user/wlb136724 nearly stock 300m vs, 2.7 intrepid with 300m special PCM, dual Exhaust, & intake.

2.7 1999 concord/intrepid timing chain replacement - head removel and more!
This video is long. Unlike most videos on here, I don't just talk about what you have to do...I SHOW you...Again my video is freeking blurry sorry about that. I have to do some more research and see why the video is like this. This motor is a bitch to work on....lol No joke!..... This car was smoking like a freight train! Was going to just replace the valve seals but one thing led to a another....lol. I try to go over everything you have to do to fix the 2.7 timing chain. Also...oil pump....water pump...valve stem seals and more. I do talk a lot and hope the video is clear enough to see. Its not a prefect video but you will see what it takes to tear one of these motors apart for repair. Enjoy!

Chrysler 300m SRT , part 1
Not for commercial use Chrysler 300m SRT engine V6 3.5 l K&N filter Apollo fuel : Gas + LPG exaust custom modified wheels 17" strong alu front 225x55 17" rear 235x55 17" BF Goodrich "G grip" suspension modified lights interior lights LED canbus front lights xenon LED COB daylight turn signal lights custom , LED COB back lights custom LED COB tail light horn standard + police audio system Ground ZERO Pioneer AVH-4400BT security Alarm remote control Valentine ONE GPS tracker Multi Lock ... bonus equipment sunlight protection dashboard cover tinted glass with LLUMAR foil parking sensor "SRT modified" team Jovan Vujkov Petar Kovac Svetozar Vujkov song Mt Eden Dubstep Sierra Leone produced Woo studio 2014