Epic Tuning RWD Burnout in a Civic.MOV

Switched the 4wd Civic to RWD by removing the front axles. Burnouts were in order!

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"Epic" AWD Civic upsets Supra & C6Z Roll Racing
The EPIC Tuning 4WD swapped turbo Civic upsets a big turbo Supra & a Nitrous Corvette at a SlipStream Roll Racing Event! I bet those guys didn't see that coming..... CORRECTION: The Engine is actually a Sleeved GSR motor and is on Q16, sorry for the errors.

Civic EJ2 RWD b20vtec

Epic Tuning 4WD Launch.mov
Poor quality for now but you get the idea.

Civic RWD B16A2 Vtec Dublin Ireland 1
B16A2 Rwd Civic EH-1