Chevy Corsica 3.1 Vs Chevy Silverado 5.3

me racing a Modded 5.3 Silverado.. i hung in for a lil bit until my check engine light came on and he took me nasty..i was still going to loose because 5.3 have balls but i wouldnt of lost that bad with my ESC sensor fixed ***any shit talking comments will be deleted***

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Sorry for the wiggly video.

What is this noise? A bad Camshaft, Rocker Arms or what?
I have a 96 Oldsmobile Achieva wit the 3.1 you see in the video. The noise I have uploaded has been there since I bought the car in June of last year here recently the engine has been losing a lot of its performance and I was doing my research and I'm starting to wonder if the noise I have is a camshaft noise or what. Also the noise you are hearing travels threw the Exhaust. The entire upper end has been replaced gasket wise, that also includes new lifters and push rods along with a new timing chain and both gears. But after doing all of that the noise still remains and it has gotten to the point the car is really struggling to just move up and down the road because of a lack of power. If anyone need more info please let me know. Thanks.