Dyno Pull.wmv

Cale's 1979 RS Camaro, stock 195 HP 350 crate engine, Edelbrock Performer 2101 intake manifold, Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor, Hedman Elite Hedders. Good starting point for some power adders!!

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After Edelbrock Carb Fail, Bearings Replaced - Reinstall Engine 1967 Pontiac GTO Restoration
After a new Edelbrock Carb failed after two hours of break-in a float sank and a jet stuck, causing excess gas to be emitted into the pistons and the engine oil. The viscosity broke down in less than ten minutes, and the engine started clankin'. Here we've just re-installed the motor after replacing the bearings and oil pump, and the initial firing and run is recorded.

Edelbrock AIR-GAP VS Performer
A few tips and info on both manifolds.

Cales and his Car on Spike.mpg
Cale on PowerblockTV was part of the "Burnout Boys"

Dyno Edelbrock kit 2099 355 chevy
My 355 chevy build with the Edelbrock kit 2099 on the Dyno!!!! Last pass with airplane gaz 100 octane !!!!!