http://www.epinions.com/review/2012_Hyundai_Genesis_epi/content_577173032580 long story short - the SRT8 is the better performer and the R-Spec is the better everyday driver's car. While the Genesis costs $47,000, gets better fuel economy and will save you more over the term of ownership, the SRT8 justifies it's $55,000 price tag with more features and moar power!!!

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2012 Genesis 5.0 R-Spec Electronic Exhaust Cutout // Bridge Test, Corners & Burnout
2012 Genesis R-spec Exhaust, email if interested to purchase this set up for your 2012 Genesis or Equus. Execceo@gmail.com

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We again attempt to create one of the best reviews on the Genesis anywhere on the internet. It's a car that will likely influence the future of the brand. More importantly if this is the future, we can't wait to see a Genesis sports car. Written Review: http://www.savagegeese.com/reviews/2015-hyundai-genesis-v8-and-v6 INDEX: 0:00 – 1:40 Intro 1:42 – 2:33 Exterior Impressions 2:33 – 9:22 In the Shoppe with turbowski (Aero, Suspension, Tires and Motor) 9:23 – 13:55 V8 Driving Impressions 13:56 – 16:41 V6 Driving Impressions 16:42 – 19:00 The Nannies (Driver and Safety Aids) 19:02 – 22:40 Interior Impressions 22:40 Conclusions