Harley Davidson 2009 Sportster Iron Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Harley Davidson 2009 Sportster Rear Brake Pad Replacement http://japmotorcycles.blogspot.com/

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How to: Harley Davidson Sportster Rear Disk Brake service
How To: Harley Davidson Sportster rear disk brake service. Changing pads and cleaning, it can all be done while the caliper is on the motorcycle

Delboy's Garage, Harley Sportster Rear Brake service.
A much requested How-To video on Harley Davidson Sportster rear brake caliper service. Not an easy item to remove, but fortunately you don't have to for changing pads or cleaning, it can all be done while the caliper is still in place on the bike!

08 Sportster Replace Front Brake Pads
This is on the replacement of the front brake pads on a 2008 Harley Davidson Sportster. It takes two hours to do while filming, and ten minutes while not. I made the mistake of pumping the brakes until the bushing popped out. I had to bleed and bleed them. That is why you see them pushed in for most of the video. However, I think I did this on purpose so I could clean them better. :-) Enjoy the ride!

Harley Davidson rear break pad change tip
Harley Davidson rear brake pad tip. Sportster 883. When pressing caliper piston back in make sure the bleeder valve is open to allow break fluid out or you may blow out the Master Cylinder seals.