Yamaha Roadstar Warrior (Custom Exhaust & K&N Air Filter)

Yamaha Roadstar Warrior (Custom Exhaust & K&N Air Filter)

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Yamaha Warrior Force Air Cleaner install Video
http://www.lowandmean.com has alot of great product for the Yamaha Warrior. This air cleaner from Force motor products, bolts right on in minutes. Check out our website for more products for the Yamaha Warrior.

Roadstar Warrior LED fast blinking
I tried (without success) to record how the LED's blink fast on my Warrior. In the video: Manny (shop owner), Joe, Nelson and myself, at Montreal Choppers shop.

2008 Yamaha V-Star gas cap fail, Fuel filter change and Air filter update.
The gas moving around must of ate away at the glue sent in the package when I got the gas cap. Whatever. I also changed the fuel filter. I sound like I am on speed balls or something. I get in the habit of using my I-Pod when recording and the battery sucks. So I wanted to beat the battery dying.